Farm chair

 Whew! It’s been a heck of a couple of months!  I worked all summer long on Sapphire Restoration projects and then my life got hectic and crazy and I haven’t so much as posted a peep since August.  Mid-August, we packed up our house and moved to a new city.  A week later, I returned back to teaching, this time with four new courses to manage,on top of my other 3 classes, which means most of my time is spent planning and prepping.  Additionally, my husband switched from transitional to permanent pastor at a little church in our new community, which adds a whole other level of busyness.  On top of that, we have four kids at home adjusting to a new school and all that entails.  All that being said, it was necessary to move SR to the back-burner for a while until life calmed down.  And it is finally beginning to settle, so I am starting to plan which projects to tackle next.  I have a garage full of beautiful pieces that are ready to be transformed.  

Even though I was busy, a few notable things have occurred: 

– Before my move, I managed to make 250 lovely promo cards for a new marketing initiative called Biz Promo Bags.  Because of this, I have received a great deal of exposure and interest- my website stats keep growing. Welcome, all of you from Biz Promo Bags!  I am so happy you stopped by! Comment if you found your way here through the Biz Promo Bags- and thanks for mentioning in that survey you took how pretty you thought my promo cards were.  That means a lot to me!

– Although I’d made all these pieces of furniture, I’ve made no attempt to really sell them.  However, we moved near this tiny little picturesque village called Steveston that is filled with gorgeous artisan boutiques that attract many tourists.  This is also where our church is located and where we wish to do most of our business.  If possible, I would like to sell SR pieces exclusively in Steveston, so, a few weeks ago, my handsome salesman (a.k.a. my husband), went around to the stores to begin gauging interest.  I’m pleased to announce that Jet-Lag Travel Fashion will begin carrying SR pieces, and hopefully more to come!

– On a sad note, there was a huge fire in New Westminster, B.C., recently, and my favourite chalk paint supplier lost everything.  All of you at The FAT Paint Company, we are sorry for your loss, and we know that it will only be a matter of time until you are up and running again. 

– Finally, I am considering entering some craft and artisan Christmas fairs this year to begin selling my pieces.  I will keep you updated.  

I leave you with a picture of a simple chair I painted even in the midst of all the craziness.  I just couldn’t stay away.  

Enjoy the sun this weekend!

Mirror and Mantle

Ok, so I also wanted to show you my mirror and mantle as well. The mirror is layered with an Emerald City tint and white, the same with the chair you can see in the mirror reflection. I applied a crackle glaze to both to get that aged effect.

photo 2

Here is my farm chair, underneath the white metal stars I painted earlier this year.

photo 3

Farm chair detail

Farm chair detail- can you see the crackle glaze and the three colours of paint I’ve used to create depth?


2 thoughts on “Farm chair

  1. evbrush says:

    Amazing Jamie, I am so proud of your courage, dedication, and blossoming into this creative passion. You are beautiful and an inspiration far beyond this endeavor!

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