A pair of mirrors

Well, since I’ve been back to work full-time, I’ve done nothing creative.  My husband knows very well that all work and no creative outlet makes Jamie a twitchy grump. I’ve wanted to get to work on the enticing pile of furniture stashed in a corner of the garage, but it’s just been so hectic I’ve been unable to get to it.  Obviously, as soon as my two weeks Christmas vacation hit (perks of teaching!) and the chaos of Christmas was done, I got to work on these two mirrors.  They could be my favourite projects so far. Here they are before-

mirror pair before

Mirror pair before

I painted one with a base-coat of navy blue chalk paint (Indigo by the FAT Paint Company) then applied a crackle glaze.  When I painted that gorgeous Caribbean Blue (also a FAT paint colour) overtop, the navy cracked through.  I did the reverse for the other mirror, distressed them both so the opposite colour came through, and sealed them each with beeswax- this is what they look like now:








I’ve decided to keep this one for myself!

What do you think?

Also- does anyone have any suggestions on how to get into the market?  I have not had luck selling my pieces and don’t know where to start.  Has anyone else ever found success selling things they’ve made? I’d love to hear your stories and advice!


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