Pallet British Flag

My friend Alisa over at West Avenue Artworks is extraordinarily talented and can take an old piece of wood, work some magic and create stunning pieces.  Go over and take a look!

Last year, she created a series of flags on rough cut wood which inspired me to try it myself- both of my husband’s parents emigrated from England and I wanted to make a British flag for him to honour his heritage.  Whereas Alisa creates her flags on these beautiful pieces of rough-cut wood, I knew I would have to settle for using a pallet.  I kept my eyes open for months and finally found the perfect pallet for this project on the side of the road and scooped it:

photo 1

My husband cut it in half, giving me dimensions that were half as high as it was wide, as is necessary for the British flag.  I sealed and primed it so the wood wouldn’t soak up the paint:

photo 2-001

photo 3-001

Then, I found a diagram online explaining how to perfectly measure out the British flag and painstakingly measured and drew the diagram on my pallet (this was the most painful part).  I kept getting the measurements wrong and had to erase and re-draw the guidelines numerous times:

photo 5

I taped it up to get crisp lines, added blue using the Fat Paint Company’s Indigo:

photo 11

I let it dry and added the red (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint’s Emperor Silk)  and white (TFPC’s Warm White) so it looked like this:

photo 2

Obviously I had to distress it, so I went over the entire thing with sandpaper, dry-brushed the entire thing with Warm White to give a weathered effect and finished off with a layer of dark wax to bring out all the imperfections of the wood.  Here is the final product:

photo 3-001

photo 21

photo 31photo 2

Union Jack, 21″ x 40″


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