Cream and Black Dresser Set

I am a full-time high school teacher, so I rarely have the time or energy to tackle any projects over the regular school year.  Here is a project that I completed for my friend Rachel over Spring Break.  She and her husband are currently renovating their home and wanted to update their bedroom set without having to purchase an entirely new set.  It’s amazing how few coats of paint can create something that looks and feels totally different! Rachel knew exactly what she wanted- cream-coloured dressers with black tops and details, lightly distressed.  Take a look how it turned out!

photo (16) copy

Dresser 1 before- typical 80’s heavy dresser. Finnegan is checking it out.

photo (16)

Dresser 2 before- Rachel’s husband had owned this for many years. It has a great shape!


Dresser 1 after- painted with Cream and Raven paint, lightly distressed and hand waxed with both dark and natural beeswax. Original hardware updated with a coat of black. Look what a few coats of paint can do!


Dresser 1 detail- actual colour is depicted better in the previous picture.


Dresser 1 Detail



Dresser 2 completed- look how cute it turned out! Painted the same colours as the other dresser to make it a matching set for their bedroom. Lightly distressed and hand-waxed like the other dresser, original hardware painted and waxed.



Detail of Dresser 2. It looks very white here, but the previous picture is more true to the actual colour.

All in all this took me about a week to complete, a coat of primer on each, a few coats of chalk paint on each and a jar of wax- much cheaper than purchasing a new set!

Summer is fast approaching and it turns out I am moving at the end of June, so I imagine I will be tackling many more projects in the next months- stay tuned! I may even have time to do something for you, if you live local.


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