Beachy Distressed Mirror

I forgot to post this last summer- I had a large wooden mirror and wanted to experiment with the super distressed look.  I painted it Wedgewood Blue (from the Fat Paint Company) and dry-brushed Warm White overtop of the blue- it gives the impression that I have used two colours of paint and the top coat is worn down enough for the second coat to come through- no need to use two full coats of paint when you can cheat!  Then, I grabbed my electric sander and just went for it- usually I am very cautious when distressing, but I have come to realize I like the super-distressed look- so I threw caution to the wind and went for it- you can see that lots of the wood came through, with the overall effect of a beautiful, beachy wooden frame, perfect for my love of coastal decor.

Beachy Mirror

Beachy distressed mirror