Yellow Credenza

When I first decided that I was going to pour my creative energies into furniture restoration, my husband took me out to look for my first piece. At the end of a long day with nothing found, we stopped in at a garage sale on the way home and discovered this little guy tucked away in the corner. Nick carried the table home five blocks on his shoulders which was an amusing sight. Our neighbour stopped him and dryly remarked, ‘Just taking your table out for a walk, I see…’

Just taking the table out for a walk.

Just taking the table out for a walk.

I called this a side table, but I was informed that the correct term was a ‘credenza’. So, here is the credenza before:

Yellow Credenza- before

Yellow Credenza- before

As I mentioned in my previous post, I got a coat and a half of Buttercup Yellow paint out of the FAT Paint sample jar I’d picked up last week and then ran out. Those pots go far! We trekked back to New West and committed to a full quart of the yellow paint and a large pot of clear wax. That’s twice in one week so far. I have a funny feeling we are going to get to know each other real well over the summer.

*Sidenote- check this out- Victoria was kind enough to give me a shout out on the FAT Paint facebook page! Awesome! (scroll down to Wednesday, June 26th’s post- look for my dog)*

The credenza needed more coats than the side tables did. I rolled on three coats before I was happy with how it looked: (yes, Finnegan needed to make another appearance. He’s such an attention hog! Did I mention he was once featured in a magazine? See here¬†and scroll down until you see Finnegan’s featured post)

photo (36)-001

Finally, I hand-distressed waxed (with clear and dark wax) for a few hours and ended up with this:

IMG_3867 IMG_3869 IMG_3872

I love how it turned out! What do you think?

I am going to put my first pieces up for sale in a few days and am curious to see what will happen.

Thanks again for stopping by!